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Machete 2010 review

This movie followed its’ big brothers’ lead, but instead of having an eclectic look, it was shot in HD, to portray the grimy, razor sharp, rawness. To sum it up with a few examples, here are a few things Machete  had to offer. It not only gave a nobody, a leading man role, but did quite a few more risque things. How could one movie make so many points in such little runtime, you ask? Steven Seagal broke his ten year hiatus from the big screen. Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan, both bare all, just begging fans to ask, “Are you serious?” Robert Deniro even lowered himself a few pegs, to make a major appearance, in a take a chance role, as a racist senator, dead set against immigration toward these United States. What more does a “balls to the wall” movie like this need to prove its’ point? Why not add Cheech Marin as a preacher, that wields dual shotguns, ready to splatter “brain matter grey” all over the pulpit, in the name of his brother. I’m pretty sure that’s enough said. If you feel you’re a fan of the independent cinema movement, you should contribute your hard earned dollars, and pay to see this treasure, before it hits DVD after the holidays. It is well worth the money, but not for the faint of heart.
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Machete 2010
Robert De niro Machete
Machete Review: Well Worth It, But Not For The Faint Of Heart. Read more.
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