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There are 27 restaurants all over the world owned by Robert De Niro.
"Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa says that his restaurant in Los Angeles is lucky. If Oscar nominees come to eat there just before the ceremony, they tend to win. Robin Williams had been up for an award three times without success, but when he brought his family to Matsuhisa on the eve of the 1998 Oscars, Nobuyuki - more commonly known as Nobu - offered his congratulations in advance. 'He doesn't drink, but I sent a bottle of Cristal Roederer champagne over anyway, because I knew he'd win.' Sure enough, Williams walked off with an Oscar for Good Will Hunting. The following year Roberto Benigni was so pleased that the place had brought him luck that, after picking up his statuette for Life is Beautiful, he skipped the big parties to eat at Matsuhisa again. The whole restaurant, Nobu recalls proudly, stood up to applaud him."......More
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Robert De Niro  has finally unveiled his new Tribeca hotel, the Greenwich. Pictures from Vanity Fair. As always, the actor, playing concierge, inhabits the role.More...
Robert De Niro’s Greenwich Hotel sits resplendent—all brick and glass and wrought-iron—between Franklin and North Moore Streets in Manhattan’s TriBeCa neighborhood. It looks as if it has been here since the turn of the last century: the handsome cragginess of the façade may be rough-hewn, but it has been carefully crafted to appear this way. The interior displays a gracious incongruity; there is a soft masculinity about it.

It sounds as if I’m describing De Niro himself, who sits down opposite me in the hotel’s guests-only Drawing Room, in a worn leather club chair. De Niro, who has been the driving aesthetic force behind the hotel, settles in and silences his insistent cell phone. “So,” I ask him, “have you been getting in touch with your inner interior decorator?”
By Kevin Sessums, read the full story
Robert De Niro Homes

As we respect the privacy of our favorite actor we will no be publishing any of his private homes on our website.If you wish to find them you can always Google them...

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Tribeca Grill

Tribeca Grill is co-owned by renowned restaurateur Drew Nieporent and legendary actor Robert De Niro. It opened to much acclaim in 1990 and was instrumental in helping put the Tribeca neighborhood on the map. Its all-star roster of investors includes such luminaries as Bill Murray, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Sean Penn, Ed Harris, Lou Diamond Philips, Russell Simmons, Peter Max, Christopher Walken and Harvey & Bob Weinstein of the Weinstein Company.
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