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Mean Streets
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After John Cassavetes read Martin Scorsese the riot act about Scorsese's first film "Boxcar Bertha," the upstart director set out on a mission to write and direct a hyper personalized movie about the streets of Little Italy, where he grew up. Scorsese rode around the shrinking Manhattan district at night with his co-writer (Iraqi immigrant Mardik Martin) so the two men could write the script inside their parked car while watching the street life around them. Connecting aspects of gangster films from the '30s to noir and autobiographical elements, Scorsese went a daring step further by using pop music in a previously unimagined way. When "Be My Baby" plays during the opening credit sequence over home movie footage of Harvey Keitel's character Charlie, it sends a message of romanticized hopefulness set against a harsh reality that refuses to comply with such dreams of glory. During a bar brawl later in the film, the Marvelettes' song "Mr. Postman" lends poignant counterpoint to the scene's spontaneous violence.

"You don't make up for your sins in the church. You do it in the streets. You do it at home. The rest is bullshit, and you know it." These are the words of Charlie's subconscious inner voice that introduces us to his simmering identity crisis. The fact that it's Scorsese's actual voice periodically who speaks Charlie's inner monologue sneaks into the film a loaded layer of thematic import directly from the filmmaker's heart. Scorsese's fluid camera drinks in the red-punctuated bar interiors and grimy streets to follow his characters' movements with a lively physicality inherent to their shared histories. As Charlie bides his time, hoping to become a made man for the local Mafia boss, he tries to reconcile his hidden love affair with Teresa (Amy Robinson), the epileptic cousin of Johnny Boy (Robert De Niro), a misfit whose unpaid debts to loan sharks are quickly catching up with him. "Mean Streets" is more than a rambunctious time capsule of the Italian-American experience, it is a groundbreaking film that announces the career of a truly original voice in world cinema.
Synopsis: A young hood in New York's Little Italy contends with saving the neck of his hotheaded best friend from the local loan shark and struggles with the religious guilt prompted by his lifestyle
Robert De Niro as :Johnny Boy
Mean Streets Photo Gallery
Directed by : Martin Scorsese
Produced by : Martin Scorsese & Jonathan Taplin
Written by Screenplay : Martin Scorsese& Mardik Martin
Story:Martin Scorsese
Narrated by : Martin Scorsese
Starring : Harvey Keitel ,Robert De Niro
Cinematography : Kent L. Wakefield
Editing by : Sidney Levin
Distributed by : Warner Bros.
Release date :October 2, 1973
Running time : 110 min.
Country :United States
Language: English, Italian
Budget : US$500,000 (est.)
Mean Streets
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Martin Scorsese Collection

(After Hours/Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore/Goodfellas/Mean Streets/Who's That Knocking At My Door?)
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